Weekly development report 2022/11/12

The plan was to release a new, more stable version on this Sunday, but today I found a few bugs related to filtering the items' lists. The game doesn't show all items' types available, for example in the trade screen. So, the release is postponed now to the next week until I will fix all of them. And probably find something more right before release. :)

In the development version, the main focus was again on the game's UI:

  • Another player's suggestion added: numerical fields to sliders. There are no too many of them, but it took some time to implement all of them.
  • Added prevention of moving in-game dialogs outside the game window. No more hiding them somewhere, now they always stay visible. ;)
  • Added some colors to the lists of known bases and events. In bases, the visited ones have green color. In events, the colors are the same as on the map: dangerous events are red, positive one are green. I'm still thinking about some more upgrades related to the lists. Maybe add a separated color for base, event or mission which is currently set as target for the ship?
  • Fixed position inside some numeric fields after editing them. It now should be correctly at the end of the entered number.
  • Fixed loading the weapons prototype items from files. It seems that it wasn't loading all available weapons.
  • Slowly, but moving the game's code to Nim is going forward. This time, some part of code related to items are moved there.
  • Standard footer: the old code got some cleanup too.

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