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Steam Sky is an open source roguelike with a steampunk setting. You are a commander of a flying ship, as leader you will be traveling across floating bases, engaging in combat, trading goods etc. The game is more strategy based than tactical like most of roguelikes. There is no mandatory ending to this game, you may freely play until your character die. The game is currently in a development, but is in a playable state.


  • Buy cheaply, sell expensive: find best trade routes between sky bases.

    Each base type sell other items. Some bases even only buy items. Prices of items in bases depends on bases types. For example, it is good idea to buy food in agricultural bases and sell it to industrial bases.

  • Do randomly generated missions to gain money and reputation at sky bases.

    Patrol selected map areas, explore new areas, deliver items to bases, etc. Some missions may require some free cargo space, others may depends on installed ship modules.

  • Manage your ship's crew: give them orders, hire new ones or dismiss old members.

    Your crew and your character must eat and drink. Wounded, hungry or tired crew members works slower. As crew members spend some time on given order he or she will gain experience in selected skill which allow works faster or more precise.

  • Manage your ship: upgrade installed modules, install new ones, or repair damaged ones.

    Progress in game depends on installed ship modules. With stronger modules, you have bigger chance to meet stronger enemies. You must balance your progress between gaining experience by crew members and installing new, better ship modules. Or some day, you meet too strong enemy for you.

  • Craft items: from tools through repair materials to food.

    At the start your character know only few basic crafting recipes. New recipes may be bought from bases or discovered by deconstructing items. Better manufacturer can craft more items from this same amount of materials.

  • Fight with enemy ships in tactical combat.

    Give orders to your crew at the beginning of each combat round and watch the result when turn passed. Change your ship speed, position of your ship in the combat or give your gunners orders to attack selected part of the enemy ship. Take down enemies armor to board they ships for melee combat for better loot. If enemy is too strong for you, you can try escape from the combat too.

  • Your game, your way: change the game to your own style.

    Almost everything in the game can be changed, added or removed via data files, which are plain XML files. Add new "races" (factions), change existing ships (their statistics, crew or cargo) or remove "professions" (careers). Items and crafting recipes can be changed too. Even interface can be tweaked to your needs.

If you want to contact with me, please use our Discord channel or Matrix room. It is probably fastest way to get help with the game :)

Old and development releases are available at the game GitHub release page.

List of planned to add to the game features you can find on GitHub projects page.

Install instructions

For more info how to use AppImage on Linux, please see: https://docs.appimage.org/user-guide/run-appimages.html.


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