Weekly development report 2022/09/24

The stable version stays quiet. And probably will stay in this state for some time. As the time to release the last development version of the game comes closer, soon the whole development focus will be only on preparations for the next big “stable” release. Perhaps the fun with catching bugs will start again then. :)

In the development version, work goes on:

  • Finished work on new UI for giving orders to the player's ship's crew members. There still are some things to polish but, generally, it should work better than the older version. Especially with larger or largest ships, which can have many guns or workshops installed. And giving orders to the crew now require less clicking. Additionally, the menu with actions for the selected crew member was updated too.
  • Started work on the option to set an order for the selected crew member in the information dialog. Here is still some work to do, but I should finish this one in the next week. The most time here was spent on finding a good way to show order and the ability to modify it.
  • Added a new icon to the game for giving order button. It is also possible to modify it via the game themes' system. The documentation about the game modification updated either.
  • Fixed position of Close button in the dialog with messages.
  • Fixed crash on accepting missions with transporting passengers.
  • A lot of work with moving old Ada code to Nim. Currently, it is far from perfect code, but it works. Again, much time were spent on finding the proper way to implement some things, so they will still work without breaking everything. Especially today was a busy day. :)
  • Some small work related to code cleanup and its optimization done too.

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