Weekly development report 2022/09/03

Another quiet week in the stable version. No problems found or reported. Looks like I have to dig deeper. :)

The development version is going forward. This week bring many invisible changes for players in the game code. But there is also something to show:

  • Finished the first version of moving, equipping or taking off multiple items in the player's ship's crew members' inventory. There are still a few small things to add, again, I hope to do it in the next week.
  • Invisible changes mentioned above, part one. The main change is that the first and, I think, the longest part of code cleanup and beautification is now complete. I've started another step in this task, but it should take a less time (in daily sense) than the previous one. That also triggered some changes in the project organization.
  • Also for now almost invisible change for the players. I started some code refactoring work, which currently broke my testing suite (that is the only visible part for now). I need to look closer to this issue in the next week. Currently, there is no too much to say what I'm doing here. Everything is on very beginning part of the work. I hope to have a bit more information on this topic in the next week.
  • Some changes to the technical documentation of the game done either. They are mostly related to the change mentioned above.

And because the last development release was around four weeks ago, now it is time for another. In around 24 hours since this post, a new, shiny, development version of the game will be available for download.

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