Version 4.0.14 was released

This release brings only fixed bugs for stable release. Binaries are available for Linux and Windows (both 64-bit). For more info how to use AppImage on Linux, please see: Below are changes since the last stable release:


  • Updated help to clarify how 'Visit bases' type of goals works (issue #65)


  • Crash when trying to talk in bases with someone with Legendary Rhetoric
    skill (issue #60) (again)
  • Probably fixed sudden docking after combat (issue #62)
  • Crash when trying to sell medicines to diseased base which don't have
    enough money (issue #63)
  • Crash in the game statistics when player visits more than 100 bases
    (issue #65)
  • Crash on trying install module after selling another (issue #66)
  • Possible crash on trading with a friendly trader (issue #67)
  • Crash in shipyard when no module is selected for install or remove
  • Charcollum to whatever transformation (issue #68)


steamsky-4.0.14-64-bit.exe 24 MB
Mar 29, 2020
steamsky-x86_64.AppImage 17 MB
Mar 29, 2020

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