Weekly development report: 2020/01/25

Fun with the development version of the game revealed few small bugs in the stable version. Fortunately, nothing "crashy" so it can now wait one more week to be released. But this is a good time for one thing: if you know any other bugs in the stable version, feel free to scream at me. At least they should be fast fixed now :)

Main change in the development version this week is adding a new crafting order - deconstructing items. As name says (finally a proper functionality for this order) it allows to deconstruct items to recover some materials used in they creation process. For now here are some limitations for this order:

  • Not all items can be deconstructed. Only this which uses more than one (in amount, not in types) material for create one item.
  • Deconstruction gives maximum 80% of materials used in crafting the selected item.

Additionally, as usual, some under the hood optimizations works are done plus some bugs were fixed too. And because it passed already almost 4 weeks since the last development release, now it is time to bring new bugs to the players. So, in around 24 hours after this post, new development version will be available to download on GitHub.

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