Weekly development report: 2019/11/30

As almost usual: after release the new stable version, whole week was dedicated only to the development version of the game. Looks like I must go deeper to dig for some bugs :)

Development version this week got some more visible changes. All are based on feedback of one player :)

  • Exiting from the station screens (like trade, recruit, etc.) now bring player back to the main station menu, not to the map. One click/key press less :)
  • Added columns with information about module material, size and type to the shipyard install/remove modules lists.
  • Setting the difficulty of the game should be now a bit easier - added few difficulty levels: Very easy, easy, normal, hard and very hard. Plus of course still available Custom mode.
  • Trading screen now stops resetting self on buying or selling items. Not sure if I should count it as an enchantment or fix for a bug.
  • Left click on map now bring short menu with few options - mostly related to the player ship movement. It should made now playing the game with mouse only a bit more friendly.
  • As almost usual, few new items and crafting recipes arrived in the game.
  • Inside the game: same almost usual: few new unit tests were added.

And it is time to release a new development version of the game :) In less than 24 hours since this post, new version will be available on Github for anyone who like some chaos in own life :)

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