Weekly development report 2022/12/03

The stable version is under control if we speak about the work. At least for now. :) I found two more bugs and fixed them. There is still one issue, but I can't reproduce it. It looks like something rare happened: or the downloaded game has corrupted files, or maybe antivirus was checking one of the files. Any help there would be nice. Anyway, for now, in around 24 hours since the post, the new more stable version of the game will be available for download.

The stable version got some small new things, mostly related to the game look:

  • Factions with fanaticism flag now starts with maximum morale as they should.
  • Fixed showing the amount of killed enemies in melee combat in the game's statistics screen.
  • The in-game tables got some small updates in look, mostly related to their headers.
  • Added a few more colors to the game's theme and started using them in the code instead of hard-coded ones. Now it is possible to change colors used on the map or for showing in-game messages. This change was also triggered some small changes to the game look in general. But I think I will need to work more on the game colors palette in the future.
  • Changed icons used for buttons to cancel the player's ship destination and the ship's repair's priority. Now it uses the same icon as other cancelation buttons.
  • The game documentation updated with information about the changes above.
  • Journey to the Nimland in the code slowly continues.
  • But it is still a bit faster than the journey to the clean old code. Which also takes place. :)

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