Weekly development report 2022/11/26

Busy week in the stable version. Good news: I found bugs. Bad news: they shouldn't be there. :) Well, at least I fixed them, but as far I see there are still a couple to fix. Let's hope that the next week will be less busy here.

In the development version, the preparation for the first release of the 8.x series almost finished. The most time this week spent on fixing bugs and moving the game into Nimland:

  • Added separated colors, background and for fonts, in themes for tables headers. Also, changed the default ones to look closer to buttons as they now works almost the same as buttons.
  • Removed ugly frames around tables, now they blend better with the rest of the game.
  • Fixed showing the list of destroyed ships in the game's statistics screen.
  • Fixed crash on finishing the boarding combat if player isn't in the boarding party.
  • Fixed crash on entering the game's statistics screen when there is visible the list of killed enemies.
  • Fixed starting ship for faction Inquisition and Hunter career. It should have a battering ram installed, not two guns.
  • Fixed reading the factions' flags from data files. A new bug in the new code. :)
  • As mentioned above, a lot of work done with moving the game to Nim. But still a lot more to do. :)
  • Standard footer, made the old code a bit better. ;)

And as mentioned at the start, it is time for the first development release. :) In around 24 hours since this post, it will be available to download for all the brave who want to see the new bugs. :)

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