Weekly development report 2022/11/05

Stable version, as expected, a day or two after the release, bugs started emerging. Fortunately for now, nothing game-blocking. Thus, I will wait one more week before the next, more stable release of the game. Maybe I will be able to find something more.

In the development version, the work back to updating the game's UI. And fixing the bugs which were found in the stable version. :)

  • As usual in the first week after the big release, some time spent on organizing the code again, like renaming some GitHub workflows, added information about development version, etc.
  • Updated numeric fields in the game as suggested by one player. Previously they didn't allow being empty, always filled with minimal value. Now they behave more predictable, they can be empty, but then they block a proper button, so, the player can't send an empty form. I planned to add it to the big release, but I missed a few days for that.
  • Fixed lack of checking of correctness of amount during setting a crafting recipe.
  • Fixed setting maximum amount of the money to spend on training when the player has less money than needed for one training session.
  • I hope I fixed the crash when trying to move in-game dialog windows with mouse. I had problems with reproduce the bug by myself, so if someone is interested, feel free to check if the fix really works. All the three fixes are fixed in the stable version too.
  • The work on moving the game code to Nim continues. After many changes in the last weeks, now it is more focused on adding code documentation and cleanup.
  • The never-ending story, the old Ada code, got some cleanup and refactoring.

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