New major version 8.0 arrived

Here we go again. After another few months of work, a new, big "stable" release of the game is available for download. While it doesn't bring new features to the game, the changes since the previous version, should be very visible: many elements of the game interface are changed. I hope positively. :) There are also a lot of changes invisible to the players, mostly related to the organization of the game's code. As usual, I want to thanks to everyone who helped me in the work on the game: with suggestions, reporting problems or just hanging around. Thank you for your help. I hope that you find the game improved. :)

And what are plans for the future? The first is to continue work on improving the game's interface: I think many of you agree that here is still "something" to do in that matter. :) Big and small, I think it still will be the main focus for me for the next several months. Another thing is to continue the revolution inside the game's code. I started rewriting the game in a different programming language, Nim. Small effects of the work are visible in this version of the game. At this moment it may look like classic "yak shaving" but in my opinion, in the future it should bring some new, interesting things to the game. What exactly, I don't tell yet, they are very far future plans. Let's hope I have been able to do them. :)

Again, thank you very much for helping me in creating the game, and I hope to get more help in the future. As usual, be ready to see almost regularly released the updated versions of the stable game with fixed bugs. And for now, enjoy, the game and the life. :)


[Stable] 7 MB
Version 8.0 Oct 30, 2022
[Stable] 6 MB
Version 8.0 Oct 30, 2022

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