Weekly development report 2022/10/29

Time for the last boring update before the big release. And then, probably as usual, will be time for weekly more stable releases. :D The work on the next stable version is done. As usual, I didn't have time to add everything what I wanted. Well, at least I will have something to do with in the future. The list of changes for the past week is a bit short:

  • Fixed bug with information about tools needed to train Metalsmith skill.
  • Fixed the information about starting bases in the new game screen. This one is the best example, that I'm blind: I was looking on it by a few years and didn't see it. :) Better late than never.
  • Fixed the game hangs on the start a new game when the player selected a base type which is unavailable for the selected faction.
  • Some work with moving code to Nim. A part of reading the game data from files is moved. Still more work to do.
  • And the old code got some cleanup as usual.

As mentioned above, in around 24 hours since this post, the new release of the game will be available for download. I will then post a short roadmap in the announcement, as always, for the work towards the next version of the game.

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