Version 4.0.13 is available

This release brings only fixed bugs for stable release. Binaries are available for Linux and Windows (both 64-bit). For more info how to use AppImage on Linux, please see: Below are changes since the last stable release. This time the list is a bit longer, thank you very much everyone for reporting bugs and of course, I want apologize for the problems.


  • Hide assign ammo button when no ammo is available
  • Hide move item option in inventory when crew member don't have any items
    (issue #59)


  • Crash when Drone member is trying to eat
  • Move map buttons default look
  • Crash on upgrading when setting upgrading cost is very low
  • Crash on drawing map with not existing event
  • Probably fixed possible crash in selling items in bases
  • Crash when player don't have enough money for pay crew members
  • Possible crash on start ship to ship combat
  • Crash when healing last crew member in bases
  • Crash when trying to talk in bases with someone with Legendary Rhetoric
    skill (issue #60)


steamsky-4.0.13-64-bit.exe 24 MB
76 days ago
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76 days ago

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