Weekly development report: 2020/02/22

Lack of messages from the stable version is a good message - no bugs (probably no players either :) ). So whole week dedicated only to the development version.

And in the development version, most of work in this week was focused on adding fire rate to the ships guns. Now it works for enemies too, (I hope) info about fire rate were added everywhere where it should be and the game data were updated with the fire rate for all in the game guns. After this I just done few tests how it works. Probably at this moment it is hard to tell (plus I'm very subjective in that matter), but this mixed with new types of ammunition made ship to ship combat bit less sleepy:

  • When I was trying fight with weaker enemies, everything was working as earlier... unless this weak enemy didn't hit with full serie. In that situation (fortunately rare) even weak enemies can be dangerous for the player.
  • Comparable enemies works as earlier. Just generally combat can be a bit faster due to higher fire rate, especially on the beginning of the game.
  • I was trying to destroy the biggest enemy ship in the game with the beginner ship. Due to fire rate (and with using piercing ammunition, small cheating :) ) it was almost possible :) Now hitting enemy ship in the specific locations have a result. Fast shooting gun was able to destroy half of enemy guns before enemy ship was able to fire it salvo. Unfortunately very precise and strong salvo :D

Anyway, changes to the ship to ship combat looks promising we will see how it will be works.

For other things in the development version: both never-ending sagas continues: few new ammunition arrived in the game and some UI elements are moved to the code. And one important information: in less that 24 hours since this post, a new shiny, buggy, etc the development version of the game will be available to download on Github

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