Weekly development report: 2020/02/15

Investigation of bugs in the stable version of the game, mentioned one week ago ended with (as usual) a few bugs found. Which mean in less that 24 hours since this post, a new, a bit less buggy version of the game will be available to download.

Development version, fun with the ship vs ship combat continue:

  • Added a new type of turrets - huge size turrets for the biggest guns in the game.
  • Updated the size of all turrets and guns, so from now only biggest ship's hulls can have biggest turrets and only they can have installed biggest guns.
  • Fixed all bugs which were found in the stable version plus some unique "features" for the development version. Especially big thanks to person who do a lot of work with fixing grammars and typos. I really should start learn English, heh :)
  • Work on shooting speed (or fire rate if someone prefers) of ship's guns was started. At this moment it only works with the player's ship guns but starts looking promising. Probably it will take a some part or whole next week to fully implement it into the game.
  • Old never-ending saga of optimizing GUI continues and started also new saga called: adding a new types of guns ammunition (with crafting recipes for them) to the game.

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