Weekly development report: 2020/01/18

In the development version of the game, main (literally) visible changes are related to UI:

  • Better search UI for wounded crew members when healing them in bases.
  • Also repairing a player ship in bases got that same, better search UI.
  • In boarding screen, it is possible now to see also enemy and own crew members equipment. Something like standard `l`ook command in roguelikes.
  • The development version is so far from the stable that it even starts to have own bugs - few of them are fixed. I hope without introducing a new :)
  • In crafting order 'Deconstruct [item]' was changed to more clear 'Study [item]'. It purpose always was to discover item crafting recipe thus old name was confusing for players.
  • In-game help got some small updates related to the crafting system and combat (mostly related to the newest changes).
  • Under the hood: clearing of mobs data continue (I wonder how small it will be at the end , heh ). Also some UI optimization work was done too. Generally speaking, even after adding these new things in this week, whole the game code was reduced :)

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