Weekly development report: 2019/12/28

Welcome to the last development report in this year :)

In stable version, only one change - I was found one outdated info and removed it. Probably it is not too critical bug so it can wait a bit before fix will be released :)

Development version:

  • Finally finished adding items. At least for now. This not only means end of this task, but also caused a bit more changes in the game.
  • Some work under the hood, with project maintaining - mostly related to unit tests - like added code formatting and simplified running command for them. Additionally, few tests were fixed.
  • Most of work this week was related to generating recruits in bases. Main changes are: amount of skills which recruits have depends on player reputation in the base too. Chance for meet very experienced recruit (not based on player reputation in the base) was reduced. Equipment of recruits depends on their skills. This should prevent from appearing recruits with very low skills and very good equipment :) Additionally, each recruit always have at least skill which is used with his/her faction favorite weapon. Also maximum possible attributes for recruits were reduced, which mean they hire prices are also reduced.
  • Some small fixes for UI
  • Added option to set favorite weapon for each faction in faction data file. It is now only used by recruits, but soon should be a bit more useful.
  • Some bugs were fixed and probably a few new added.

And because since last development version almost four weeks passed, tomorrow, in less than 24 hours after this post, new version will be available to download on GitHub. This mean that we are in a middle of way to 5.0 version :)

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