Weekly development report: 2019/12/21

Looks like unit tests works (almost) properly - no bugs reports this week, so no work on the stable version of the game.

In the development version:

  • Finally finished (for now) adding unit tests. Probably from time to time there will be added one or two more, but definitely not that much like was by last months :) Plus still no unit tests for GUI. Main reason is that GUI code soon will be very altered.
  • From visible for the players changes: whole week was dedicated to implementing ideas gave by player's feedback. This is also finally finished, thus I hope in next week here will be more to report.
  • As usual, added few new items and crafting recipes for them. Surprise, this is almost finished too :) Just a few items left to add for next week.
  • Few smaller things in the project organization: added code formatting to unit tests, updated contributing guide, etc.

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