Weekly development report: 2019/11/23

Second week after last stable release and one bug found - I really should start using the game options - one was completely not implemented. Bit interesting that nobody was screaming about it: probably not worth to scream :) Anyway, in less than 24 hours a new version with exactly one less bug will be available.

Development version as usual, got this same bug fixed plus:

  • Bit reduced impact of equipment on price of recruits in bases. It is not too much, but start of some bigger work (probably will be started "soon TM") for how recruits (and mobs) are generated.
  • Some fixes for Linux AppImage version of the game. Now it should be more "standard friendly".
  • Standard: added few new items and crafting recipes for them
  • Technobabble: fun with unit tests continue. This time even few more tests than usual arrived in the code.

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