Version 8.0.1 landed

And the cycle starts again. :) The first minor release of the stable version of the game is available to download. This release brings only fixed bugs for the major stable release. Binaries are available for Linux and Windows (both 64-bit). Below are changes since the last development release:

  • No check for the correct amount of items to craft during setting a crafting
  • Set proper max amount of money to train when the player doesn't have enough
    money for training
  • Crash when moving around in-game dialogs with mouse (GitHub issue #98)
  • Cursor position inside some numeric fields after entered a number
  • Loading weapons into the game
  • Setting the list of available items' types during trading, looting bases and
    in the player's ship's cargo
  • Keyboard shortcuts for setting the player's ship's speed
  • Setting tool's quality from recipes' data files


[Stable] 7 MB
Version 8.0.1 78 days ago
[Stable] 6 MB
Version 8.0.1 78 days ago

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