Weekly development report 2022/10/01

Again, nothing to report in the stable version. Which means, from now, the stable version is going to sleep for the next four weeks as the whole focus will be on preparing the next big stable release of the game.

In the development version of the game, there were several changes to the game:

  • Fixed showing the title of the player's ship crew member's information dialog when it contains a scrollbar.
  • Fixed position of the Close button in the player's ship selected module information dialog.
  • Fixed look of information about level of tiredness and health of the crew members in their information dialog.
  • Made progress bars related to the information about the player's ship crew members statistics, skills and experience wider.
  • Changed the title of the player's ship crew member information dialog.
  • Added option to rename the selected crew member in his/her information dialog.
  • Removed the option to rename the selected crew member from his/her actions' menu.
  • Added better Tab traversal to the information dialog of the player's ship crew members.
  • Added closing the crew member's information dialog with Escape key. Here is the screenshot, how the new version of the dialog looks.
  • As usual, some work with the code cleanup done too. Some things probably never change. :)

And because the last development release was four weeks ago, it is time for the next. :) In around 24 hours since this post, the last development version (before the big one stable) of the game will be available for download. And then, the next four weekly reports will be monotonous due to focus on fixing bugs and not adding any new things to the game.

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