Weekly development report 2022/09/17

No news is good news. Thus, there are good news from the stable version of the game. :) At least, I hope for them. Nothing to report here.

The development version of the game brings several upgrades and a few fixes to the game's UI:

  • Set the Close button as the default in the player's ship's crew member's inventory info.
  • Added information about the current order to information about the selected crew member. The information contains details like, for example, what the selected crew member produce or train, etc.
  • The change above also triggered some reorganization work in the game's code.
  • Fixed position of the Close button in the show info about the selected module dialog.
  • Fixed traversing by UI elements with Tab key when setting a skill to train in a training room.
  • Fixed closing the skill's selection dialog after choosing the skill to train in a training room.
  • Fixed default position of delete saved game confirmation dialog.
  • Fixed setting and showing the icon for information about executing crating orders.
  • Work on moving the game into Nim slowly moves forward.
  • The old code is still checked with AdaControl which still finds some flaws. Several of them fixed this week as usual. :)

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