Weekly development report 2022/09/10

The state of the stable version is as usual: no bugs found or reported, thus no changes here. Well, at least I have more time to spend with the development version. :)

Speaking of which, the work progressing here in the standard speed:

  • Many changes in the project organization this week. Looks like my experiment from the previous week works. Some time ago, I've decided to try to rewrite the game in the different programming language. This time I selected an even less popular language: Nim. The main issue is that I didn't want to completely drop the old code and start the work from scratch. Another problem to solve was to not stop developing the new things in the game. I think I solved both concerns. I replaced some old Ada code with the Nim version, plus added some new things to the game. It will take some time to rewrite the game completely, and it still will be in the playable state. The only victim of the change are the old unit tests. They will be replaced with the Nim ones, but I was forced to disable the old one for now.
  • Finished for now, work on the player's ship's crew member's inventory. It now allows selecting, unselecting all items and equip, take off or move to the ship's cargo the selected items. A new look is here. I'm still not sure about the icon for unselecting. Maybe I will change it some day.
  • Standard footer from the previous weeks: fixed a couple of issues reported by AdaControl in the old Ada code.

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