Weekly development report 2022/08/27

The standard part about the stable version: I'm blind and nobody reported any bug there. Thus, another quiet week there.

In the development version, the work is still mostly focused on the better player's ship's crew members' inventory screen:

  • While selecting and deselecting of items works as expected, there is still some work to do. I added the actions' menu to them in this week. In the next week I plan to add equipping and removing items, so I hope here will be something to show.
  • Fixed some newly implemented “unexpected features” in the inventory screen. Like sorting items by selection status or showing information about them.
  • Updated look of the dialog for moving items from the crew member's inventory to the ship's cargo, so it now looks like the other dialogs.
  • Some work on the project documentation done too. Mostly by fixing typos or updating various technical information, like links to used tools, etc.
  • Fixed crash during start of the game on Windows.
  • As usual, a lot of work done under the hood with code cleanup and standardization. It seems to me that soon I will be ending the first and the biggest part of the work. Let's hope that other parts will take a less time. :)

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