Weekly development report 2022/08/20

And again the quiet week in the stable version, no one reported yet problems with the newest stable version of the game. As usual, something is probably missing. ;)

In the development version, work going in the normal pace. The list is a bit shorter than usual, mostly because the first task took the most time of the week.

  • Started work on ability to select a few items in the player's ship's crew member's inventory. It also triggered some changes to how the checkboxes in the tables are presented. Selecting is now finished and in the next week I will work on using it, mostly to group wearing or taking off items.
  • The change above required to add a new image for not checked checkboxes in the table.
  • I updated my testing environment with some new packages which will be required in the future. Looks like everything works for now.
  • Standard footer, at least it's slowly going to the end of the longest phase. The work on code cleanup and improvement of its readability continues.

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