Weekly development report 2022/08/13

Yet another bug found in the stable version, for some reason the game doesn't show information about change of items to break. It should be fixed now. Again, in around 24 hours after this post, a new, let's hope, more stable than usual version of the game will be available for download.

The development version is going forward. But my to-do list is still long. :)

  • The game should present correctly the chance of items to break. Same as in the stable version.
  • Fixed showing information about the items in the player's ship's crew members' inventories.
  • Added new images to the game, for moving items from the crew members' inventory to the player's ship's cargo and to wear or take off the items.
  • Added ability to set the new images via the game's themes system.
  • As usual, updated the modding documentation with information how to set the new images.
  • Added button to move items from the crew member's inventory to the player's ship's cargo, and to equip or remove the item.
  • Changed behavior of the crew members' inventory list. Now it shows the item info dialog instead of an actions menu as earlier.
  • The standard footer: the work on code cleanup and beautification going forward.

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