Version 5.0.2 is here

This release brings only fixed bugs for stable release. Binaries are available for Linux and Windows (both 64-bit). For more info how to use AppImage on Linux, please see: If there are still any problems, please report them, I will try to fix the a bit faster than these :) Below are changes since the last stable release:


  • Missing message after give an item from ship cargo to a crew member


  • Update header crew information when assigned crew to new module in ship info
  • Assigning crew member to cabin when the cabin is full
  • Showing help in ship info
  • Typo in info about low level of item when giving it to a crew member
  • No check for amount of items during drop them in abandoned bases


steamsky-5.0.2-64-bit.exe 24 MB
41 days ago
steamsky-x86_64.AppImage 18 MB
41 days ago

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