Weekly development report: 2020/02/08

In the stable version, there is some investigation for bugs. But for now it is a bit hard to reproduce them thus it will probably take some time. Anyway, in the code no changes (probably yet) :)

The development version:

  • Biggest change this week is that big guns can be installed only in big turrets on ships. And this means, that will be impossible to made small ship with big guns like now - each ship's hull have maximum allowed size of module which can be installed on it. Now only the game data need to be changed and everything should works properly ;)
  • Existing turrets got some name changes to better mark their sizes (like heavy turrets were renamed to large turrets).
  • Few new, huge turrets were added to the game.
  • Finally finished optimization work on mobiles data. Final size of data file was reduced from 180k to 60k. Amount of mobile's prototypes were drop by half. Every time when I do that scale of optimization, I'm not sure, if I should be happy, that I was able to do so much or disappointed that I can't done it earlier :)
  • Never-ending story called "optimize code of UI" still going forward.
  • Also thanks to one person, one bug in the development version was fixed and few others are investigated to check if can be reproduced.

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