Weekly development report: 2020/02/01

While in the stable version of the game nothing changed this week, it is ready to a new release with this few bugs which were found earlier. Thus in around 24 hours since this post, new version will be available to download.

The development version got some changes as usual:

  • If option to show numerical values of various things is enabled, you can now see current speed of your ship in km/h. At least it will show you how big difference can be between flying with empty ship and filled to the last.
  • In combat now you can see difference in your and enemy current speed. This should help to make decisions like if you should pursue or give up.
  • Biggest change this week: added type to the gun's ammunition. All old ammunition is now normal type. Explosive ammunition will do less damage but give bonus to hit. Piercing will do more damage but it will be harder to hit with it. Thus probably explosive ammunition will be better against small, fast ships, when piercing will better works against big, heavy armored ships. Now I just need to add any explosive and piercing ammunition to the game :)
  • And as usual, removed some identical mobs, updated some ships crews and done some small code optimization. But this is almost signature of my posts in last weeks :)

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