Weekly development report: 2020/01/11

In the stable version literally tradition - first week after release, no bugs reports. So here no any changes to report.

The development version is so far from the stable that it even start having own bugs. Some of them were caught and fixed. Generally, this week changes can be summarized as "less is better":

  • Most visible change this week for players is better search ability for buying recipes in bases. As amount of recipes in games grown, this list, especially in Factory and Industrial bases grown too. Probably this same search system will be in next week implemented also for repair ship and heal crew members in bases.
  • Biggest change this week is again related to mobs data - added special "value" for skills - WeaponSkill which can be used for setting mobs prototypes in data files. During generating mob in the game it will be replaced by proper favorite weapon skill of selected faction. This should reduce again size of data of mobs. But also add a lot of work with update that data :)
  • Related to the point above: updated mobs data with this new "value" and started removing identical mobs. This mean that ships prototypes data got some upgrades too.
  • Saga of Optimization continues - again, some UI were moved to the code.

And something not related to the game code, but mainly with the project organization: finally players were able to force me to publish at least very basic TODO/Wish List for the game. It not only show what I want to add to the game but also on what I currently waste time instead of adding/fixing important things :) It is available as GitHub project. There is also instruction how to get more information from this cryptic list :)

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