Weekly development report: 2020/01/04

Welcome to the first weekly development report of the year. And of course, Happy New Year to everyone :)

Stable version: of course, as usual, few new bugs are emerged from the code. At least this ones are fixed, so, in less than 24 hours since this post, new version will be available to download.

Development version go fixed this same bugs too. But, the biggest change this week, is added (finally) ability to mobs to have randomly generated equipment, based on their skills levels. Earlier, crews on ships had always this same equipment. This plus earlier option to set random skills levels for a mobs should made character-to-character combat (at this moment only during boarding ships) much more interesting. Due to this change also mobs data were changed - mostly by removing unneeded equipment. And this should make the game a bit faster (less data to load, etc). This data clearing took most of time of this week. Additionally, there was done also some more optimization work related to the UI (technical details: moved some UI fragments from XML files to the code).

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