Weekly development report: 2019/12/07

Today weekly spam will be a bit different :)

Looks like adding all this unit tests to the code finally starts paying back - it allowed to catch a few bugs in the game (and by the way in unit tests either, heh). Generally, whole week in stable and development version was focused on fixing bugs and looking for more. Still, a few bugs are still on radar, thus probably new stable version will be available in next week. I just learned one thing: if you trying to debug (via unit tests mainly) something like roguelike, with a lot of possible random things (world, enemies, etc) it is good to rerun tests in batch - not just once, but 100 or 200 times in a row. It allow to catch those rarest bugs either. Probably best thing would be fuzzy unit testing, just for this I will probably need to write my own framework :)

Additionally, development version of the game got as usual new items and crafting recipes for them.

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