Weekly development report: 2019/11/09

Probably biggest and most visible change of this week is move the game website from GitHub pages to Itch.io. Main reason of this move is to simplify the game maintenance - having a few locations to update every time when the game is released can be a bit tiresome. And Itch.io was won over own page, because in my opinion it have a bigger "discover-ability": there is a bigger chance that someone will find the game there than with own page and (probably) search engine (Google, DuckDuckGo, etc). Beside of this, nothing more (again, probably) will be changed: releases still will be available on Github and Itch.io

Back to the game itself: the stable version got whole week of bug fixing. All know bugs are now encouraged to left, so game should be a bit more enjoyable. And because of this, in less than 24 hours after this post, new stable version of the game will be available for download.

Most of work in the development version was same as in stable version: fixing bugs. Additionally, as usual few new items and crafting recipes for them are arrived in the game.

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